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You may know it as SoHo, but this cobbled street in south Manhattan has quietly become a great hub for small hotels. This Lower Manhattan destination is full of hotels, restaurants and bars of the upper and middle ranges.

For example, a suite at NoMad, which normally costs $2,100, costs $1,500 for a two-week stay at the hotel, which it says attracts a New Yorker of just under $1,700, while vacationers get up to two weeks. In the city, it offers locals the opportunity to dine and book stays for $14 a day, and for locals $6,000 for two days.

Although, with interest rates down, taking on a full-time job is more viable than ever. Although the rooms are not huge - a standard room in Arlo is about half the size - the suites have become a luxury area, which is what New York is all about. A 2015 report by CNBC claimed that the most expensive suite at NoMad, with a two-week stay, is $135.10.

This is an elegant SoHo hotel that is a great option for travelers looking for the best hotel deals in NYC. Its location in the heart of New York City and proximity to Manhattan make it an ideal place for business travelers to relax after a long day of work.

If you are looking for a cool place to lie down in, you will prefer the SoHo Grand Hotel. This New York hotel offers something special: Guests will have access to a free smartphone during their stay, and if you can't use your phone in New York, take advantage of the NoMo discount to pamper yourself and enjoy the ultimate luxury experience. It is a great place to experience New York City as it is perfectly proportioned to take advantage of its location.

There are 391 rooms and suites ranging from 420 to 2,000 square feet, including ten two-bedroom penthouses, most of which have floor-to-ceiling windows. New York City Luxury is the best restaurant in the city, surrounded by some of the best restaurants, and even if you're not a millionaire or a movie star, you can still find one and live like one. The Hampton Inn SoHo is a family favorite at the cheapest of all So Ho New York hotels and has a lot of amenities for guests traveling with small children.

Shoppers will know that Midtown is Fifth Avenue, but while you might want to take the subway or taxi to get to FiDi, you can walk to the top of Fifth Ave. The black and white rooms at the Hampton Inn SoHo New York make it the perfect place for a night in the heart of the city.

Crosby Street Hotel is located in a quiet street, so you can leave the chaos of the city behind. Located on trendy West Broadway, the lower level of the hotel has plenty of space and an outdoor terrace overlooking Central Park.

Midtown has some of New York's most iconic buildings and one of its most popular hotels. SoHo is now a nature reserve and attracts many people who want to see the building's striking facades, with its mix of modern and historic buildings from the early 20th century.

When the Grand opened in 1996, it was the first major SoHo hotel, and its downtown location is still an important factor in its identity. The 19th century Romanesque building was converted into a hotel in the post-war period and filled with artists "lofts. The Ho Grand is one of the most popular hotels in New York City due to its location in the heart of Midtown.

The floors are the same as those seen on any New York sidewalk: corrugated steel, concrete and glass. The SoHo Grand resembles a brand new shopping complex, but unlike your typical boutique hotel of the 1990s, it is remarkably devoid of the attitudes that held it back.

Housed in a brutish, modern red-brick building, it doesn't look much like a pioneer, but it's in the heart of SoHo, not far from South Houston Street. Archer New York combines the decorative influences of the uptown with the modernity of the city's most popular restaurants, bars and eateries. Produced in collaboration with Danish designer Space Copenhagen, 11 Howard avoids the wall-to-wall bling sometimes associated with New York hotels.

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